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Fully Automatic Digital Autoclave Digital SLE Series

Fully Automatic Autoclave Digital SLE Series

Being an Proclaimed manufacturers and Suppliers of Fully Automatic Digital Autoclave Digital SLE Series in India since 1980. Our Fully Automatic Digital Autoclave Digital SLE Series are mostly & widely used for everyday sterilization process methods in various Automated Pharmaceutical laboratories, Sophosticated Food Laboratories, Hitech Universities and for Research applications. We specialize in both standard, advanced, customized models with CE Marked, specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of various scientists / Research centers / individual and specialized research applications. Over a long period of time Multilab have been established as reliable Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Fully Automatic Digital Autoclave Digital SLE Series in India, catering to the huge markets in Asia, Middle East,North America and South America, Australia, Africa and Europe. Apart from that we are supplying our Fully Automatic Digital Autoclaves in India through dealers , catering to a variety of customers ranging from Atomic energy, Biotechnology Companies, Microbiology Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Defence Installations, Research Laboratories, Educational Institutes and various Research and Development laboratories of leading national and multinational companies.

We Multilab Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers and Distributors of the Fully Automatic Digital Autoclave Digital SLE Series to various industries supplied our exclusive Scientific Dealers throughout in india

Advantages of Top Loading Digital Automatic Autoclaves

Unique single lever lock for lid with single hand opening.
Microprocessor Based Control ensures repeatability & a high accuracy.
Conformance to National & International Standards.

Applications of SLE Series Digital Autoclaves

The SLE series Autoclaves are suitable for a wide range of applications wherein fast and assured sterilisation is required.
Ideal for Pharma QC, QA, Micro, R&D, Chemical Plants, Bio-Labs, Water & Air Pollution Labs, Fisheries, Mineral Water Plants, Food, Beverage& Distilleries, Flight Kitchens, Mass Kitchens, Five Star Hotels, Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Specialty Doctors.


The SLE range autoclaves is like all Fully Automatic Autoclaves, is designed for ease of use and dependability and is manufactured under strict supervision. Each & every chamber is hydrostatically tested as per standards.
Rigorous inspection standards and traceable calibration reports ensure that the SLE range will deliver dependable performance.
Internal Chamber and lid along with all wetted parts
fabricated from Stainless Steel.
Single lever pronged closure system (Patent under progress) with patented Silicone Gasket
External vertical panels of MS duly heat cured epoxy coated.
Easy lift and closing of the lid by assisted support.
Castors for ease of movement.
Flexible sensor enables in-situ control and monitoring of cycles.
Documenting options available.

Model * Working Chamber
Size (Ø x D) / Capacity
Carrier (Ø x D) App. Shipping Details
Net / Gr. / Volume
#7421SLE 30 x 50 cm / 35 lit 1 of Ø25 x 45 cm 50 kg / 92 kg / 0.51 m³
#7431SLE 35 x 55 cm / 53 lit 1 of Ø30 x 50 cm 62 kg / 102 kg / 0.65 m³
#7440SLE 40 x 60 cm / 75 lit 1 of Ø35 x 55 cm 74 kg / 124 kg / 0.80 m³
#7441SLE 45 x 71 cm / 113 lit 2 of Ø40 x 33 cm 95 kg / 156 kg / 1.10 m³
#7451SLE 55 x 76 cm / 180 lit 2 of Ø50 x 35 cm 121 kg / 195 kg / 1.33 m³

*Add documenting option suffix GSDOP3P, SP3P or SCRT4P wherever required.

Control System

At the heart of SLE series is a secure microprocessor controller which provides high control accuracy along with user level flexibility for sterilizing various types of loads efficiently.

Safety Features

Every single Autoclave chamber is hydrostatically tested to 1.5 times its operating pressure. Inspection as per set standards are carried out by qualified engineers at the raw material inward stage, mid process stage and during final tests and calibrations.
Low water detection.
Spring loaded safety valve for over pressure.
Pressure interlock on door.
Audio & Visual alarms for sensor open and low water level.
MCB for electrical safety.
Independent over temperature safety cut out.

Installation of SLE Series Digital Autoclaves

As the power requirement is single phase, installing the Autoclave is simple and straightforward.

Documenting Option for SLE Series

Simultaneous Display with Online printing of 3 temperature channels with 1 F + 1 pressure channel to external DMP

#GSDOP3P Simultaneous Display with Online printing of 3 temperature channels with 1 F + 1 pressure channel to external DMP
Independent display of three sensors - plus one pressure sensor - allows monitoring -
and online documenting.
Header with preset Company Name.
Automatic four digit sequential batch numbering, with manual over-ride facility.
Print interval user settable from 12 to 999 seconds.
Prints with date, time, set point, process temperature of 3 temperature channels & F 0
of Channel A, plus pressure channel.
Prints to any compatible 80 / 132 column dot matrix printer. (Printer is not part of
standard supply).

#SP3P Scanner - 3 temperature channels + 1 Pressure channel - with built in 18 column DMP

#SP3P Scanner - 3 temperature channels + 1 Pressure channel - with built in 18 column DMP
Independent scanning of three flexible sensors plus one pressure sensor - allows insitu
monitoring and printing.
Built-in 18 column impact printer - uses normal calculator paper roll - thus saving on
paper costs as well as giving a long shelf life of data.
Scans through the channels at preset time intervals.
Prints online every one minute with time and date.

Strip Chart RecorderStrip Chart Recorder (Point type) 4 temperature and 1 pressure channel

#SCRT4P Strip Chart Recorder (Point type) 4 temperature & 1 pressure channel
The #SCRT4P is a compact recorder with a recording
width of 100mm.
Independent documenting by point method of 4 temperature & 1 pressure channels.
The Recorder has a high speed of 6 dot / 10 sec.
Highly reliability due to heavy duty voltage semiconductor.
Pen servo unit uses ultra-small stepping motors.
The measured value, channel number, alarm status and date/ time display are provided with 7 segments LED display.

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